Sunday, January 10, 2010

Circa 1962


I know this is not a beautiful image but it is special to me. I just wanted to share it's story. This is the kitchen that my dad and granddad made for me when I was 5. As you can see I got it for Christmas. My parents had it hooked to real running water for me. We never did that for our children:) It has been played with for many years. Now that our grand daughter is big enough to play with it, my husband fixed the parts that were bad and repainted it. I still need to paint the "brand" name back on the fronts. You can see my dad's test labels still on the back. He went with the bottom one. It is so special now to see our little Madeline enjoying my childhood kitchen. Still no running water, but she loves that the burners light up:)
And sorry for yet another collage.

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