Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ttv A New Discovery

The image below was taken using a technique called Ttv or through the viewfinder. The idea is to take a photo with your usual digital camera looking through the lens of an older vintage camera. I have been seeing some of these around and wanted to give it a try
A Little Better

I knew we had some old cameras but they had been packed away and I couldn't find them. I found them yesterday and here is a photo of what was in the box. I used the camera in the upper left for my Ttv. It is a Kodak Duaflex.
Found  -  Gratitude 6/52


Naomi said...

So fun!

Karina said...

I've seen these shots on flickr - but had no idea that's how they were done. I just assumed it was an added frame texture. I'm off to check out my old camera and see if I can do this too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - ditto on yours as well. Love it - so fun to find out more about you.

Andrew, Naomi, Madeline and Ol said...

So fun!