Monday, October 10, 2011

The "S" Family Sneak Peek

I spent the afternoon with these five siblings.   They were all so sweet.  And all were cooperative except for the littlest who is in the "don't take my picture"stage.  I am very familiar with that stage too!  She was happy as a lark until she saw my camera pointed in her direction.  She got over it though.  And lets just say, Steve, who went with me, now has a new best friend :) 


Beth Simmons said...

wow!!  those kids have changed so much since I've seen them.
Great pic, Beth!

Beth Simmons said...

That's alot of great smiles in one picture! Great job! Love it.

Beth Simmons said...

Perfect!  I would blow it up and hang it above my fireplace (if it were my family of course.  That would be weird to hang a picture of another family above my fireplace :))