Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweet Baby "M"

We had a great time photographing this handsome newborn boy.  He was definitely not a little guy!  I realized he wasn't exactly fitting on different props well and I asked his mom again what he weighed.  After a second weigh in at the hospital they realized this boy was over 9 lbs.  I thought so :)  I fell in love with his chubbiness.  Enjoy!

This next image just makes me laugh :)  We worked and worked to get this big boy curled up on the milking stool.  He was asleep but there was no bending his legs!  He did curl up a little later but at this point he was having nothing of it.  

He brought a special blanket made by a family member.


Beth Simmons said...

He is adorable!  So many of the pics made me smile but I love the close up set with his chin,especially!

Beth Simmons said...

Great photos, can't wait to have my little man so you photograph him.

Beth Simmons said...

Love them!  I love the one with the engineer hat in the wagon.  But, all of them are fabulous.  

Beth Simmons said...

You are so talented. These are incredibly lovely images.