Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Visit from Cindy

Daddy and Aunt Phyllis spent the day with us again today as their power has remained out all day.  My younger sister Cindy, and her husband Darrell came up from NC to visit with daddy today.  We had a great day together.   After daddy's near brush with death yesterday, he seemed even more alert and chipper today.  He stayed awake for most of the day with just a few cat naps.  He seemed to really enjoy having people around.  Thank you Cindy and Darrel for making the trip up!

Daddy has asked several times today where his house is.  I think being in a different home for a few days has got him confused.  We just got word that the power at their home has come on.  Steve has gone ahead to set up heaters and make sure everything is functioning well.  We will then take the folks back home.  Daddy says he sure will be glad to be in his own bed tonight :)   He said he plans on having sweet dreams.  We should be getting them home just in time to help get daddy all settled in his bed for the night. 

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