Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chaplain Visit

Today, daddy got to meet Brian, the chaplain at Gentle Shepherd Hospice.  I have known Brian now for many years and was thrilled to find out he would be visiting daddy and Aunt Phyllis.  Since they haven't been able to get to church for a long time now, this is a service very much appreciated!  Brian quoted and read some scripture to daddy.  He sat with his eyes closed most of the time but was listening.  When it came time to sing however, he opened his eyes and sang right along with about three different hymns.  He carried the tune well and knew the words.  He thanked Brian for coming by when it was time for him to go.  Thank you Gentle Shepherd and Brian for offering this for daddy.

I am going to try to post two different short videos of daddy from today.  The first is from lunch time.  I just want to show it so you can see how difficult it has become for him to communicate lately.  And then the second video is of him singing.  How wonderful that even when he can't find his own words he remembers hymns and scripture!  Please disregard my annoying voice.

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