Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sunday night while I was staying with daddy is when his crisis began.  It was apparent that he had a severe GI bleed.  He was so very sick all night long.  I took care of him the very best I could and Steve came to help of course.  But as soon as they could, my siblings came from their out of state homes to be with daddy as well.  I can't express how wonderful it has been to have my family here with me during this time.  We have all shared the constant physical care of daddy and been able to love him together as a family.  What a blessing!


Amber Rosie said...

Beth, this picture is so loving. I really don't know the right words for it, but I can see the love that you all have for your dad in this picture. I think back to other blog posts about your dad, I loved reading about his love of cameras.

Beverly said...

what a blessing to have your family and your dad to have all of you xo