Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Day/Bad Day

As many of you already know from following on Facebook, daddy and Aunt Phyllis lost power last night during the snow storm.  After a lot of prayers and help from good people, we got daddy and Phyllis safely to our house for the night.  He had quite a restless night and none of us got much sleep.  However, when he got up later in the morning, he was in great spirits and more coherent than we have seen in a while.  His hospice nurse, Marcia, was kind enough to visit him at our house.  She was happy to see the marked improvement in daddy.  As you can see he had a great time with her.

A couple of hours later when I got him to the table to eat, he was alert and started eating his lunch right away.  In just a couple of minutes he became unresponsive and unable to focus on anything.  His color changed rapidly and he was clammy.  Marcia was kind enough to come back out to check on him.  He eventually came around enough for Steve to be able to get him in a recliner.  With his 02, blanket and a good nap, he woke back up around 6pm acting almost back to normal!  We pushed the recliners together and Phyllis napped right beside him.  So sweet :)

We were unable to determine what happened today.  At first we thought stroke but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Maybe a TIA, maybe atrial fib.  Just don't know and probably never will.  It was a scary thing to watch and I'm so happy to see him feeling so much better tonight.

And here are a few snow photos just for fun.


Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Uncle Roger and Phyllis look so cozy and warm. Sweet picture.

And what a snow storm you had!

Love and hugs.

Unknown said...

Thanks Beth for sharing. I've been watching the posts but haven't been able ti respond much with Tamara and Erin both here. We made applesauce. Last night and will can it today. Thanks again for keeping me posted.

Amber Rosie said...

Glad that you were able to get him to your house in the snow! It looks like you got quiet a bit. I love the picture of him laughing with the nurse, warms my heart!