Saturday, January 26, 2013

So Much Love

What we thought was going to be a very short time at daddy's bedside turned into a 5 day bedside vigil.  These have been days I will forever cherish.  My siblings came from out of town and we loved daddy together until he left our hands and went straight into Jesus' loving arms.  We sang, reminisced, read scripture and held his hand along with his wife, our "Aunt Mom".  Please don't look at these photos as sad but see them as a beautiful gift to us, his family.  We were given the gift of loving him together during his final days.  On his last morning, as we were singing around his bed, we all heard him try to join our song.  So very special.  Then at 7:59am on January 25, 2013, our daddy entered into heaven with Jesus for eternity.  So thankful for the hope and assurance that we will see him again someday.  Thank you daddy, for being the very best!


Elaine Beaumont said...

Yes, precious days that you will cherish through eternity! I am right there with you. Two weeks before my Daddy went to his eternal home, he asked me to hold his hand until Jesus took it. I did and without doubt, it was the most moving experience of my Christian life. It wasn't sad, it was a praising our Lord time, it was like a Holy place, knowing the angels were there ready to take Daddy when the Lord said, you could feel His Holy presence, very hard to describe, but so precious.

Amber Rosie said...

Isn't it wonderful when you know that your loved one is walking with the Lord. I am sorry that you lost a great man, but comforted by the fact that you all know it is a joyous occasion where he no doubt singing to God right now!

Anonymous said...

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