Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today was another quiet day for us.  I got over to daddy's about 10:30am.  Aunt Phyllis had an appointment to start some physical therapy this morning.  I told her to please take the day to do things she needed/wanted to do and not worry about coming back by any certain time.  So it was just daddy and I until about 4pm.  I did a couple of small chores but mostly just hung out with daddy.  I was happy for the chance to be still since I can't seem to shake this stupid sinus headache :(  Daddy slept on and off most of the day except for several trips to the bathroom and to eat lunch.  I realized that yet another routine for daddy has been forgotten.  I had to remind him every time to wash his hands.  That is something he has always been careful about before.
The good news is that Aunt Phyllis reported that daddy slept all night in his bed without getting up.  And she was able to sleep in her bed!  We sure hope this continues so that she can stay rested and healthy.  Tomorrow will be a busy day with a visit from his nurse, bath helper, and the chaplain!

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Unknown said...

I'm so glad he is adjusting faster than we thought he would.