Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Goodbye

Today is an emotional kind of day for me.  Today is the last day that any family will live in my family home.  The home I grew up in and has had my folks living there for over 56 years.  Today, I said good bye to my precious Aunt Mom.  My Aunt for my whole life and my step mother for the past 15 + years.  Since my dad went on to heaven in January plans have been made for her to move back to Michigan to be near her own children.  And today, she left.
 photo March230_0004_zps37d9913c.jpg

Steve and I both love her so much!  
 photo March23_0011_zps9e499416.jpg

We sent her off with this fine crew from MI.  I think you can see from their faces that her family is happy to be getting her back!  
 photo March23_0012_zps56f2d38e.jpg

All her things, packed and ready to go.  See why we are going to miss her so?  She is so much fun!
 photo March23_0020_zps6844daf8.jpg

Good bye for now beautiful lady.  We will be heading north for a visit for sure!  Thank you for everything Aunt Phyllis.  Thank you for showing us all such unconditional love.  I am so fortunate and blessed to have had you in my life!
 photo March23_0025_zps4a464aad.jpg


April said...

Bye Phyllis! I will always remember you and that sandwich you made William that day we visited. You are precious! I don't say that about many people so you should believe me when I say it. Maybe I'll show up with Beth one day at the airport! Love you and Blessings~April

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