Friday, March 29, 2013


Naomi and the children were able to come visit for a couple of days.  We had so much fun!  I didn't really take many photos at all except for some on the phone.  This morning I took the opportunity to try and get a few shots while Naomi was packing to go home.  When the older two saw me put Lucy on the air mattress and start snapping, they were all the sudden interested in getting their photo taken as well :)  It didn't last long but we had fun.  
 photo Grandchildren_0004_zpsc488032c.jpg

 photo Grandchildren_0007_zps8ebbbd6b.jpg

 photo Grandchildren_0010_zps105951e2.jpg

 photo Grandchildren_0016_zps79b4eb47.jpg

 photo Grandchildren_0020_zpsf1bb92e2.jpg

 photo Grandchildren_0026_zps9e5acd96.jpg

 photo Grandchildren_0043_zpsd3637da6.jpg

 photo Grandchildren_0054_zps002600f4.jpg

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Mary said...

Good grief I have missed seeing your photos. Nobody can take them like you do!!! Seriously. I love these.. and I love their happy eyes and smile. :)