Monday, November 24, 2014

Dorothy Louise is 7 Months Old

We are so happy to have been able to spend a week in FL with Dorothy and her parents.   She is such a fun little girl.  She is crawling, sitting and has two sweet little teeth.  She smiles so easily and is just a complete joy to be with.  I tried to get a few images of her during our time with them.

 photo Dorothy0039_zpsc66df072.jpg

 photo Dorothy0057_zps82bcc421.jpg

 photo Dorothy0061_zpsc65d4698.jpg

 photo Dorothy0068_zpsacb5871a.jpg

 photo Dorothy0077_zpsb32474d6.jpg

This look made us laugh :)
 photo Dorothy0079_zps1a469638.jpg

 photo Dorothy0084_zps1047de99.jpg

 photo Dorothy0089_zpsdfc41984.jpg

 photo Dorothy0103_zpsee3e6ca0.jpg

 photo Dorothy0105_zpsd204dae2.jpg

 photo Dorothy0135_zps289155aa.jpg

 photo Dorothy_0156_zps9e0558a2.jpg

 photo Dorothy0175_zpsba186a6b.jpg

 photo Dorothy0177_zpsbf8af56b.jpg

 photo Dorothy0182_zps413414d7.jpg

 photo Dorothy0191_zpsa13d6fc1.jpg

 photo Dorothy0196_zpsdeede670.jpg

 photo Dorothy0207_zps782d474c.jpg


Kanon Simmons said...

I love these!!!

Unknown said...

I love these, too!! Beautiful people!