Thursday, July 31, 2008


April was a good sport and let me practice on her.

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Practice on Bees

I am learning how to use my camera slowly but surely.
Its definitely fun to practice. I am trying to take most of
my shots out of the auto mode and most of them I am not to
happy with. However, each time I try, I learn a little more.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Assignment 2 Part 2

For part two, we were to take a picture with the white balance set in what we think is the correct balance. Here I have the white balance set to sunny.

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Assignment 2 Part 1

For our second assignment, we were to set our camera on a tripod and take several pictures throughout the day of the exact same thing. We were to keep our white balance set to sunlight and observe the difference light makes on our image.

12 noon


Assignment 1

I was to read my camera manual and then post a picture that I thought was good. I like this one alot:)

A Place for Photos

We have recently purchased a new camera that I am very excited about. I am trying an on-line workshop to help me learn a little about how to use it. I will be posting pictures for this workshop on this blog. I am pretty sure it will be very boring to most of you.