Monday, June 2, 2014

Dorothy Louise at Five Weeks Old

I was honored to spend last week with Dorothy and her parents.  She is already 5 1/2 weeks old!  She is growing beautifully.  I was able to get a few photos of her with her mom and dad.

 photo Dorothy-019_zpsb2f3f0e3.jpg

 photo Dorothy065copy_zps79df6ba7.jpg

 photo Dorothy056copy_zps45fdc28f.jpg

 photo Dorothy031copy_zps1bdab003.jpg

 photo Dorothy050copy_zpsfdcd6eba.jpg

 photo Dorothy052copy_zps29deca8d.jpg

 photo Dorothy008copy_zps60fbd3ab.jpg

 photo Dorothy037copy_zpseb0c632b.jpg

 photo Dorothy076copy_zpsd856b130.jpg

Three Weeks Old!

My daughter and I were able to travel to FL together to visit with three week old Dorothy.  She has grown so much already!  Naomi helped me get a few sweet photos of her.

 photo DorothyLouise_0034_zps0cefb5d2.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0009copy_zpsdd5b689a.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0019_zpsecb64006.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0037_zpsdc12ec56.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0012_zpsdc3d1602.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0055_zps692c6570.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0065_zps73cdbecd.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0084_zpsbcedb979.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0091_zps349bc1ae.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0089_zps9d0bff0b.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0076_zps7b44d3ab.jpg

Dorothy Louise

Our sweet grand daughter, Dorothy Louise was born on April 22nd.   Such a beautiful baby girl at 6 lbs 13 ozs.  We are so excited to welcome our fifth grandchild!

 photo DorothyLouise_0036copy_zpsbb9d46cf.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0027copy_zpsbf19a687.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0002copy_zpsc95df14b.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0006copy_zps366b7e87.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0009copy_zps4ea7f839.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0017copy_zps198c8f47.jpg

 photo DorothyLouise_0012copy_zps59c981b1.jpg