Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

It was so much fun to have the family home over Easter
weekend.  Nathaniel and I spent Friday afternoon on a 
photo shoot.  He has a fun new lens that we got to try out.

Then Andrew, Naomi and Madeline got in late Friday 
night.  Saturday was cold and windy but we still had fun
outside.  We blew lots of bubbles and Steve built a fire 
to keep us warm.
Madeline likes to be outside no matter what the
weather is.
It is always fun to hang out with Naomi.
(Nathaniel took this picture).
I wanted a picture of us all together.  Nathaniel set his camera
up on his tripod and shot using his remote.  Not to bad for not 
even having someone behind the camera.  Thanks Nathaniel!
Naomi took this photo of us.  It was so good to see Madeline.
It had been the longest time ever that I have gone without
seeing her.  I was having some serious Madeline withdrawal.
We were so happy that my Dad and Phyllis were able to
join us for dinner.
And Madeline was just happy to have such a beautiful day
to play outside.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Lens

I just got my new Nikkor 105mm mirco lens today!
I am very excited to learn how to use this macro lens.
I love the photos that I see from others who use this
lens. I just hope I can learn to use it to its full potential.
Here is one of my first attempts.