Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Search for Bread

I've been gone from my blog for a long time now.  Actually, I have been gone from my camera as well.  But I am starting to feel the urge to pick it back up again.  So, I'm back....maybe :)

We have recently begun to eat wheat free at our house.  We are hoping for some health benefits for ourselves and also trying to encourage a friend who is eating this way for health as well.  The search for satisfactory sandwich bread is not an easy one.  There are lots of wheat and gluten free breads in the stores ready made.  However, since we are continuing our quest to also eat whole foods with minimal processing and without weird ingredients, that basically leaves it up to me to bake it.  And I'm ok with that if I could just find that perfect loaf.  Here is my first try.   I'm not at all sure this is the one I'm looking for.
Bread photo Baking_0001_zpse8a5057e.jpg

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